Our History

In 1961, the regional accounting firm of Harris, Reames, and Ambrosedecided to open a small branch office in Hillsdale, Michigan. The firm had three large clients located in the Hillsdale area at that time: Simpson Industries, Hillsdale Tool, and Game Time. The Company felt a branch office would allow them the opportunity to service those clients more effectively and efficiently.  In a pre-electronic world, working long distances from the main office proved quite cumbersome.  The office was intended to have only two employees; one manager, and one secretary.  Neil Waldorf, a partner of Harris, Reames, and Ambrose, was sent to manage the Hillsdale office.   Only in his mid-thirties, Neil developed cancer and died in 1966.  Marv Howell, who started his accounting career at Harris, Reames, and Ambrose in Lansing, was sent to replace Waldorf in 1966 even though he was relatively young, and not a partner at that time.  Upon graduation, Harold March began working at the Hillsdale office in June of 1969.

After the death of its managing partner in 1971, Harris, Reames, and Ambrose merged with BBD-Siedman.  However, the Grand Rapids and Hillsdale offices decided not to merge.  On October 1, 1971, the Grand Rapids and Hillsdale offices formed Vanatter, Howell, and Co., with Marv Howell managing the Hillsdale office.

Tom Osbourne, a partner in the Grand Rapids office, moved to the Hillsdale office in March of 1973, and in 1981 Vanatter, Howell, and Co., split.  While the Grand Rapids and Ionia offices merged with another firm, the Hillsdale and Marshall offices formed Howell, Osbourne, and Co.  Tom Condon joined the firm in 1980, one year before the split.  He then became a partner in 1988.

Marv Howell was diagnosed with cancer in 1989 and died 14 months later in 1990.  Following his death the firm became known as Osbourne, March, Condon, and Co. in 1992.  Donna Hecht joined Osbourne, March, Condon in 1995 and became a partner in 2005.  Stephen Bisher began his accounting career with a regional firm in 1994 and then joined Osbourne, March, Condon in December of 1996, also becoming a partner in 2005.  Jason Wade then joined the firm in May of 2003 and became a partner in November of 2012.

Upon the retirement of Tom Osbourne and Hal March, the firm once again changed its name.  Osbourne, March, Condon & Co., P.C. is now Condon, Hecht, Bisher, Wade & Co., P.C. Although we are proud of the reputation of our former name, it is time that our name more accurately reflects the directors of the Company. 

We will continue our tradition of community support and delivering quality audit, accounting, tax, and business consulting services.