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Business News/Advice

BusinessWeek online - Coverage on the latest events in the business world - Guidance on business decisions for the small business


Financial Aid

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Federal Student Aid Gateway - The source for free information, guidance, and tools for federal student assistance


Financial/Investment Resources

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy - Financial information that the AICPA feels everyone should know.

Money Magazine - Online articles regarding investment strategies

Wall Street Journal - Top financial and related news


General News

TIME - Includes top business-related news and stories

USA Today - Online version of the national newspaper


Government Sites

Internal Revenue Service - An online resource to find the latest in tax law

U.S. Treasury Department - Get the latest government-issued press releases and other national budget/economy details

Michigan Department of Treasury - Get the latest government-issued press releases and other state details.

Federal Department of Labor - Resource for the current labor laws and workers rights


Online Tax Payments

Pay Federal Taxes - allows you to pay your Federal income taxes electronically


Personal Finance Software

Personal Finance Programs - A listing of personal finance software programs.

Personal Finance Templates - Templates available to use in managing your personal finances


Professional Organizations

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants - AICPA's homepage

Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants - MICPA homepage

Revolution Health - A source for obtaining information regarding the many health concerns faced today


Search Engines - A top-end business search engine

Google - One of the best internet search engines available